Our professional lives have been about transitions: Helping individuals go through their personal changes to become more, both at home and in the workplace, and helping organisations go through change to meet ever more demanding market expectations.

Following our own advice, we recently decided to look at our own lives, as well as what we offered in the marketplace, and decide what we wanted our future to be.

After some major soul searching, we decided some big changes were in order.  With the exception of coaching, the passion we had once felt in working with corporates was missing. Our clients deserved our wholehearted excitement and engagement when working together, and we deserved to fill our days with connectedness, fascination and excitement.

Wow!  That was big.  So the next step was to have a think about what we loved doing. We thoroughly enjoy coaching and are continuing to offer corporate and life coaching, bringing to our clients our years of experience in both arenas.

All of our new ventures are a form of transition for us, as we each move into new ways of using our experiences, skills and creativity, while capturing the fun and connection that has been missing for a while in our corporate work.  That being said then, here’s what we’re now offering.

Myra-Ann, as mentioned, loves the challenge of coaching and is continuing to respond to both corporate and life coaching requests.  She has also enjoyed being a university guest lecturer, and giving talks on leadership, culture and personal change, building strong relationships and others of her favourite subjects, and will continue to do both. She has recently been asked by the Macquarie University Law School to be a lecturer as part of their programs being offered to under developed countries. She has been lecturing to senior ranking government officials in Bangladesh and Vietnam on making change and on leadership and emotional intelligence.  She has also been asked several times to mentor graduate and undergraduate students and will continue to accept those requests as they come along.

Errol, like Myra-Ann, loves both life and corporate coaching, and is continuing to take on those requests.  He has also been a guest lecturer in Virtual Teams for the MBA program at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management as well as teaching Leadership Development, Virtual Teams and Communications for the Graduate School’s corporate programs. Over the years he has been asked to mentor undergraduate and graduate students at Macquarie University, which he loves doing, and will continue to support students as a mentor as needed. He has recently been asked to consider teaching and coaching as part of the programs being offered to underdeveloped countries.

Errol, being a man of many interests, over the last several years has found great joy in woodworking and more recently has developed a line of children’s wooden toys that are both fun and educational. If you’re interested in beautifully crafted wooden toys, Creations by EJ is the place to go.

Garage Sale Magic is Myra-Ann’s new book.  Myra-Ann loves garage sales and is also passionately concerned for the sustainability of the planet. She views garage sales as a way of transferring items from one household to another, rather than sending them to landfill, and noticed that lots of them could have been so much better and more successful.  Given that, she wrote her book, which is loaded with tools and advice for anyone considering hosting one. It was written as a lark, but has now led to requests for her services by organisations who are sponsoring large multi-family garage sales, and by individuals who want advice on how to price, what sells, effective layouts and what attracts customers. She loves doing this and is looking forward to lots more. If you are interested in giving a garage sale, you might want to check out her website.  Garage Sale Magic is now available on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks

After the publication of his book, The Blokes Book of Cooking, Errol is now teaching cooking classes for beginners – many of whom are men recently widowed, or now find themselves the carer to wives who can no longer cook - and after having been a corporate trainer for years, he brings a wide range of skills and abilities – and his special humour - to help people learn in a safe and friendly environment.

The second edition of the book is now available on Amazon and in iBook format. Not only is it really practical, it’s also humorous and filled with great advice for beginners – men and women both - who are leaving home for the first time, men recently divorced and having to fend for themselves, or having to feed their kids when they visit, or as previously mentioned, those who find themselves in unexpected circumstances and are now caring for someone else.